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Although every structure needs a gutter, different structures have different requirements. When picking between residential and commercial gutter systems, a lot goes into consideration since the size, style, and durability differ. As such, residential gutters cannot be used in commercial buildings and vice versa. There are also state legal and building code requirements for commercial gutter installation, which is why you need proven experts on the job. At Rain Gutter Expert, we have perfected the art of commercial gutter installation. Our installation services are not only of the highest quality, but also in line with Utah state gutter regulations.

Commercial Gutter Repair for Our Salt Lake City

For the best commercial gutter installation services in and around Utah city, contact Rain Gutter Expert today. Our installation services cover a wide range of commercial gutter types, each with its pros and cons. The gutter types include the following;

  • Aluminum Commercial Gutters- As the name suggests, these are gutters made from aluminum. Aluminum gutters are of heavy weight and do not rust easily. They are also easy to manage, can be painted, and molded into many shapes.
  • Galvanized Steel Commercial Gutters- These gutters offer durability. They are very heavy and thus, should be properly installed to avoid pulling away. Galvanized steel is also rust resistant and can be customized like aluminum. Therefore, it costs more.
  • Metal Commercial Gutters- Commercial gutters are classified based on material. This group includes gutter systems made from either copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel.
  • Seamless Commercial Gutters- These are gutters that come in a single piece rather than sectioned parts that need to be connected. This type of gutter installation is widely preferred due to its reduced chance of leakage.
  • Sectional Commercial Gutters- These rain gutter systems come in small 10-to-20-foot sections that must be pieced together on site with multiple seams.

    The gutters also come in different designs. The most common styles in commercial buildings are;

    • K-style Gutters- Despite being popular among residences, K-style gutters can also be used in commercial buildings. With a profile resembling a K, they are durable, have large capacity, and are easy to install.
    • Box Gutters- These are the ones most frequently used in commercial installation. The box shape allows them to drain more water than K-style gutters, making them suitable for large buildings with high water run-off.
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